After only a week from the presentation of the new Modular AVB125 system, e-mails full of questions to Bureau Techinque are many.
Our idea was born by requests of many skipper to have a fast system to shift any type of headsails on bowsprit or  prow.

What is AVB 125 Modular System?

In fact, to shift from a Genoa to a Gennaker, the longer time is wasted in replacing the furler and the guideline. Our innovation is let the drum attached to bowsprit or to prow, for this we made a furler in more modular pieces:

- AVB 125, the drum.

- ACA, anti torsion cable & down-up adapter

- TDA, top-down adapter

- Girella

Changeable sail pin

How you can combine these elements?

Drum: why two type?

- The easiest, the bow type have a normal attack to do with a solid hook or better with a DYNEEMA® SK99 Ø9 mm rope. 

- The type for the bowsprit is a new type of winder.


The first innovation is the lower pin of drum.

It is shaped so as to be inserted in an appropriate housing in the bowsprit so it not to rotate during the winding start, this allows to significantly speed up the winding.

   Stàfa 2.png

Or you can use the new bracket that maintains the parallelism of the furler with the onset plane


The rapid pin are the second innovation. 

You can quickly attack, with rapid pin ACA or TDA which must be already connected to the sails.

 What are ACA and TDA?

The headsails are wrapped in two ways:

Down to Top

Top to Down


ACA (Anti-torsion Cable Adapter) Down to Top Adapter:

Be used for all sail with  "straight luff": jibs, genoa, code 0 & c.

TDA Top Down Adapter:

is for sail with a "soft luff": code 1-6, gennaker, reacher, runner & c.

Third innovation:

Changeable sail pin 

Sails are important and expensive. Wind rips are dangerous for sails so we have thing to do an save system for sails and also for people, equipment and boat's structure, because if a wind rips broke AVB attack it will be very dangerous for all.
We thought to sailing pins with pre-set rupture load, so they will be the first to break.
Our standard are: 2, 3 and 4 tons but we can make pins with load you want between 0.5 and 4 tons, to order pins, with special breaking load, write an e-mail to ours technical service. 
Click here for rapid link.

This system allows you to not have to change the winder when you change the sail.
Each sail must have its adapter (ACA or TDA) mounted, with the pre-set rupture pin according to the size of the sail.

The modular system AVB 125 can replace the normal winders from Ø75 to Ø150 having the possibility, with pre-set rupture load sail pins, to withstand safely loads of up to 4 tons.

Buying one AVB 125 Modular System
in fact you buy many type of furler.